Crunching the numbers: progress so far

We thought we’d share with you a few statistics on the progress of the project so far. As of our study day on 15 July 2017, here is the state of play:

13 volunteers in total have been working on the project. This includes several working remotely from photographs of original documents, and transcribing place-name forms from published sources.

23 weeks have been spent on the project so far, from late February onwards.

46 hours of group research time has been spent at the Staffordshire Record Office, not including the time our amazing volunteers spend at home writing up their research.

4646 historic place-names have been collected from original documents held at the Staffordshire Record Office.

1931 place-names have been transcribed from David Horovitz’s Dictionary of Staffordshire Place-Names.

75 different documents have been consulted by our volunteers (and that’s just the ones which actually contained place-names!)

44 parishes now have some additional place-name material as a result of the project.

This is an absolutely phenomenal achievement by our volunteers, and they are ploughing on every Wednesday afternoon at the Record Office. If you’d like to join them, we meet around 1.30pm and work for two hours – do pop along and say hello. Alternatively, if you can’t make Wednesdays and would like to contribute from home, drop me an email at to find out more.


Map of Staffordshire parishes in the 19th century. The parishes coloured pink have new material as a result of the place-name project. The parishes in blue were covered by J. P. Oakden in the English Place-Name Society survey of Cuttlestone Hundred. The parishes coloured orange have a substantial amount of draft survey material prepared by Oakden but not yet ready to be published.


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