Hunting quarry

Quarry fields

The “quarry” fields in Hopton (north is to the left on this map)

Sometimes field-names are straightforward, and sometimes much less so. Beryl, one of our volunteers, has been working with some maps and surveys of Hopton, just north-east of Stafford, and found a cluster of fields containing the word quarry – Quarry Field, Quarry Meadow, and so on. This isn’t unusual in itself – there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fields across the country with quarry in their names, and most are simply pieces of land containing or adjoining a quarry. (John Field gives plenty of examples in English Field-Names: A dictionary.)


What stumped us, however, was that there didn’t seem to be an obvious quarry anywhere in sight, either on the modern Ordnance Survey maps, the late nineteenth-century ones, or even on the maps which accompanies the survey where Beryl found the quarry fields. Continue reading